NDMS 4/26

Salmon Dissection

NDMS 4/12/10 & ODMS 4/13/10

Create a powerpoint that identifies and explains the three types of joints in the human body and focuses on the six types of synovial joints. For the synovial joints, you must give several places where they can be found in the body and give at least one example of this type of joint outside the body.

ODMS 3/22 & NDMS 3/23

Synthetic Muscle Tissue


Biology Test Study Guide

NDMS 2/5

Pick an article from the links below. Read it and summarize it in 2-3 paragraphs (paragraphs are 4-5 sentences). Then find one other source online that talks about your topic and explain (in one paragraph) how it is the same and how it is different than your article.

A Recipe for Happiness
Getting Enough Sleep
From Stem Cell to Any Cell

ODMS 1/25

The following animations outline the steps of mitosis. Add as many slides as necessary to fully outline this complex process. These slides should come before your slides on DNA replication.


First, finish collecting pictures and writing descriptions for weeks 4-40.
If you need the links, please look below at the assignment from 1/12

Once you have the pictures AND descriptions for weeks 4-40, you are going to create 4 new slides.
First, watch the animation and read the links below. To make the animation play, click the orange arrow that is on the far left side of the screen and about half way down. Then scroll below the animation to see what needs to be added to your presentation.

Now, create four new slides in your presentation that come before week 3

New Slide #1 - Original strand of DNA
New Slide #2 - Original strand of DNA being unzipped
New Slide #3 - DNA polymerase beginning to replicate original DNA
New Slide #4 - two strands of new DNA

ODMS 1/12

ODMS 1/8



2. Log in USERNAME: onealsdms
PASSWORD: onealsdms
3. Click Add a new timeline


5. Image: Choose an image from Cheese


7. Click add event

8. Add your birthday

9. Find out when you were probably conceived
Go to the calendar and count back 40 weeks from your date of birth

10. Click add event

11. Add your conception date

12. Go to the following webpageand find pictures for each week of pregnancy.

13. Add events for weeks 4 - 40. Make sure you have one picture for each week.

ODMS 1/6 & NDMS 1/7


ODMS 12/17

Punnett Square Tutorial

If the link doesn't work, CLICK HERE. If you would like to watch it again, reload the page and it will start over, or click the link below.

Smiley Face Genetics Handout

NDMS 12/4

Organelle Analogies

To your "Parts of the Cell Presentation", add a brief explanation why the organelles listed below are like the thing they are paired with. Make sure that your explaination is in a complete sentence.

EXAMPLE: The Cell membrane is like a toll gate because everything entering or leaving a cell has to be cleared to pass through. (You must write this in your own words)

NDMS 11/30 & ODMS 12/1


Write a 2 paragraph summary on the following website

Take notes (with punnett square drawings) on the following website

Take notes on the following website and then summarize how animals were domesticated.

ODMS 11/13 & NDMS 11/16

Parts of the cell presentation

Create a presentation with each of the following topics having at least one slide. Each slide should have at least one picture and a description of what the organelle does. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR DESCRIPTIONS! All descriptions must be in your own words and all sources must be cited.

  • Cell Membrane
  • Cell Wall
  • Centriole
  • Centrosome
  • Chloroplast
  • Chromatin
  • Cytoplasm
  • Cytoskeleton
  • Cytosol
  • Golgi
  • Lysosome
  • Mitochondria
  • Nuclear Membrane
  • Nucleolus
  • Nucleus
  • Peroxisome
  • Ribosomes
  • Secretory Vesicles
  • Smooth and Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
  • Vacuole

Grading for Project
50% - information
20% - citation of sources
15% - Being on task during project
15% - Professionalism of presentation

NDMS 11/5 & ODMS 11/6

Work with the animation below and complete the venn diagrams. You should have at least 5 things written in all three parts of your venn diagram to receive a C. More is required for a higher grade. When you are done, go to quizlet

NDMS 11/3 & ODMS 11/4

Go to the LEARN GENETICS website, play with the animation.

When you are done, I would like you to write a two (2) paragraph reflection (thoughts and feelings) about what you have seen and hear today.

NDMS 10/30 & ODMS 11/2

2. Click on Animal cell
3. Take notes on the following things identifying what they do in the cell.
  • Nucleus
  • Nucleolus
  • Cytosol
  • Centrosome
  • Centriole
  • Golgi
  • Lysosome
  • Peroxisome
  • Secretory Vesicles
  • Cell Membrane
  • Mitochondrion
  • Vacuole
  • Smooth and Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
  • Ribosomes
  • Cytoskeleton
4. When you are done with your notes, you may either play the QUIZLET, or sketch and label a diagram of the animal cell on CELLS ALIVE. IF you are playing the quizlet, try and complete the scatter in less than 30 seconds. If you can do this, move on to the space race.

Parts of the cell quiz