The Too-Full Glass
Making Clay Float
Adding Salt to the Picture
Red Ice

ODMS 10/23 & NDMS 10/22

ODMS 10/7 & NFDMS 10/8

Work out #1-7 of the density practice problems on the handout given (the website can be used for help if you need it). If you are having problems, check out this link for a complete explanation (ignore the stuff on specific gravity).

When you are ready, complete this quizand have your teacher write your score on your handout and then sign you off. This quiz is meant to be done by yourself. NO GROUP WORK, NO CHEATING!!!


Adding salt to the picture investigation

ODMS 10/5

Use the animation below to explore why things float and sink. Take detailed notes for every step along the way (you are being graded on the accuracy and the content of your notes). Remember, I am most concerned with WHY, not just that you have something on paper.
- In your notes, focus on why you are predicting whether an object will sink or float and WHY you think that.
- I would rather you be wrong with a good thought process than right for no good reason.

When you are done, write a conclusion stating why object float or sink. If you need help, read this webpage.

IF YOU FINISH EARLY, go to TYPERACERand practice your typing.

When you get there, select "Choose a guest nickname (play without and account)" and then click "Enter a typing race"


Adding salt to the picture investigation

ODMS 9/23/09 & NDMS 9/24/09

View the PowerPoint called "From Abstract to Real: Everyday Applications of Density" and explain what is going on in each picture in terms of density

If you get done early, click HERE to get some more practice on the quizlet on density

- REMINDER - Highest score on the space race at each school gets extra credit (notify your teacher if you beat the high score from last time)

ODMS 9/21/09 & NDMS 9/22/09


View the POWERPOINT ON DENSITY and take notes (notes will be handed in at the end of class).

When you are done, click HERE to play the quizlet on density

- To get full credit, you must be able to complete the scatter in less than 30 seconds (your teacher will write your time on your notes and sign it)
- Highest score on the space race at each school gets extra credit (your teacher will write your score on your notes and sign it)

Feel free to play with these if you have time