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Follow the link below. Pick two articles and write a 2-3 sentence summary for each and a one paragraph reflection. After showing the summary and reflection to your teacher, email it to Mr. Collings.

Kids Make a Difference

NDMS 10/15 & ODMS 10/18

Astronomy Presentation

*-* Galaxies
o What are the 3 major types of galaxies?
o What are they made of?
o What is the name of our galaxy and what type of galaxy is it?

o Why are stars different colors?
o Why do large stars still appear to be so small?
o How do we measure the distance between stars?
o Why is looking into the night sky like looking back in time?
o What are astronomical units?

*-* Light sources
o What objects produce their own light?
o What objects shine by reflected light?
o What causes the phases of the moon?

*-* Smaller bodies
o What are comets and what is their orbit like?
o What are asteroids and what is their orbit like?
o What are the two types of planets in our solar system?

*-* Extra Credit
o Why are most objects in space round?
o Why do most objects in space seem to be revolving around something else?

Grading for Project
50% - Information
20% - Citation of sources (all pictures are cited and there is a references page)
15% - Being on task during project
15% - Professionalism of presentation

NDMS 10/13

Explore the animation below and write down (on a separate sheet of paper) how long it would take to travel to each place using each mode of transportation. There are 5 destinations and 5 modes of transportation, so you should have 25 notes when you are done.

Given the information that you just gathered, answer the following questions as completely as you can.

1. After seeing this, why is it important for us to take care of our planet? Where else can we go?
2. How does this information affect our ability to observe our universe?
3. With our local solar system being as large as it is, how does this affect how much we can know about distant objects?
4. If the closest star to us is over 4 light years away, what is in between us? What does this tell us about the rest of the universe?